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My First Proper Ride

BridlingtonBikerBridlingtonBiker Posts: 152
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Some of you may know I've recently bought a Boardman Road Comp bike. When I put it together a couple of weeks ago I had a short ride to make sure all was well. I've since been in contact with the local cycling club and joined them for a ride this morning. 45 miles in 2 hours 50. So pleased with myself although I'd never have done it or indeed some of the hills without them helping me.


  • drudru Posts: 1,341
    Well done - good for you. Hope this becomes a regular thing for you. Cycling is great! :)
  • Give some thought to your bike set up. Good bike set up makes things a whole lot easier and more comfortable.
  • I think the bike might be quite close to benig set up. The only pain I had yesterday was muscular. No knee or back pain either during or after and I've not got very good knees anyway.

    Feel absolutely brilliant today so feeling the benifits of doing more exercise. Looking at getting some whey drinks mainly for recovery at the moment as I may only be getting out once a week. Any suggestions?
  • Well done you,

    I always enjoy a barley and hops based drink afterwards to aid recovery
  • ShutUpLegsShutUpLegs Posts: 3,522
    Thumbs up, well done.

    Nothing like getting out there and building cadence
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