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Superglue and carbon fibre

AndyD2574AndyD2574 Posts: 1,034
edited November 2010 in The bottom bracket
If I have superglued a small metal chain protector onto my carbon frame will it damage my frame??

Will the glue 'eat into' my frame??

Might be a stupid question??
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  • ScrumpleScrumple Posts: 2,665

    It may "melt" into the resin a bit, but it would need to to stick.

    And, it will make more of a mess if it comes off.
  • ChrisszChrissz Posts: 727
    Why superglue? Have you considered something like 3M double sided tape instead?
  • YossieYossie Posts: 2,600
    Superglue is too brittle and will just snap off the first time you knock it - it won't damage the carbon but it will take the laquer off.

    Best bet is to take it off the best you can, prep the surface and use something like Araldite - its moderately flexible, more resistant to knocking, won't damage the carbon and is a stronger bond than superglue.

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