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which saddle?

TorchXCTorchXC Posts: 33
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guys need help choosing a saddle for my Reign project bike, trying to keep an eye on weight also.
at the mo i have an SDG Bel Air RL Cromo on my hard tail and i love the comfort this gives me, so this would be ideal except with Ti rails
however ive heard good things about the charge spoon and the ti version of this saddle is cheaper, however id like to hear other riders opinions ?
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  • AndyOgyAndyOgy Posts: 579
    I just fitted a Charge Spoon (chro-mo) saddle to one of my bikes yesterday. I had thought that it was just another product that was seriously over hyped. The Brooks B17 on my commuter had pretty much dissolved after all the rain recently and I needed something cheap, and the Spoon was only a few quid more than the cheapest saddle in the store.

    I've gotta say that it is a damn fine saddle. I'm genuinely confused as to how Charge have managed to design a saddle that seems to be the perfect fit for everyone. It somehow felt like only half my weight was on the saddle. Almost as if some kind of harness was supporting me and taking the pressure of my behind.

    For the money, you really can't go wrong.
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