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The day from hell...

JohnBoyUKJohnBoyUK Posts: 206
edited November 2010 in Road beginners
Me and three of the guys decided to meet up in Dartford today and basically were going to ride as far as we could down the Thames up to Rochester. Took the MTBs today rather than the roadies.

Everything which could have gone wrong, went wrong.

Two of us missed the planned train. 5 mins from Dartford, I realised I'd left my helmet on the train - £60 down the bloody pan. 2 mins later I got a puncture. Within 300 yards, 2 of the other guys had got punctures too.

Finally got some rhythm going, done a good 30 odd miles. Came up to a junction, went to clip out but couldnt. With thanks to a nearby wall and one of my pals holding me up, we managed to get my foot out of the shoe but the cleat is jammed in the pedal. How the hell do you get that out? It looks as though one of the bolts on the cleat has just sheared off.

Anyhow, manage to get home using the flat side of the pedal. Went to upload the route from my Garmin over to my laptop and do you think I can find my ANT + stick? I'm sure I left it on the side last week. Turned the whole house upside down and still cant find it. £40 for a new one according to google.

I really want to cry. Thats £100 down the pan plus whatever it costs to get the pedal and cleat fixed.

[and to top it off, got home to find Clattenburg doing his utmost to cheat Spurs yet against at Old Trafford]

Absolutely the day from hell...


  • furragfurrag Posts: 481
    I had sympathy until I found out you supported Spurs.

    Now I just have pity. :lol:
  • ShutUpLegsShutUpLegs Posts: 3,522
    Could have been worse, could have gone shopping with the missus
  • omahaomaha Posts: 120
    dam ..... that is a rotten , tell you what!! i've had a good week so far im sure if i spent tomorrow in bed( thats the plan ) i'll have some good luck left over you can have FOC :D can't get much worse
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  • johncpjohncp Posts: 302
    JohnBoyUK wrote:
    and to top it off, got home to find Clattenburg doing his utmost to cheat Spurs yet against at Old Trafford
    Absolutely the day from hell...


    Blame your keeper - the ref very clearly didn't give a free kick as Spurs had advantage but stupid goalie decided to take the non-existent free kick from a spot 10 yards away from the incident, then stands and watches while Nani knocks it in!!

    Play to the whistle..........

    And Spurs obviously get scared when playing top teams away - 68 games away vs top teams in last few years and not ONE win :shock:
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  • I feel your pain mate.
  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,208
    the day* from hell is when 4 days after get your new bike back from repair and your wounds have mostly healed, after being taken out by a hit and run driver, a white van reverses into you and smashes it up again, and you only escape crushing because enough people scream at him to stop

    * last monday
    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
  • Tom BBTom BB Posts: 1,001
    Sounds like a bit of a censored one mate!

    I'm presuming that you were using spd's as it was on your mtb...slacken the tension of the pedal right off and lever the cleat out with a screwdriver....samething happened to me halfway though as race earlier in the year! It will probably be as simple as just replacing the cleat bolts-hope this goes some way to cheering you up :D
  • What a difference 3 days make in more ways than one...

    After dropping my daughter back home to her Mum on Monday evening, I had a go at sorting the pedal out. After much loosening of the tention, I managed to get the old cleat out with a screwdriver (thanks for the advice!)

    When I went to look for the box of my pedals to find out what cleats I needed to order, I found a set of cleats in the box. RESULT. Well that saved me £10-15.

    Had another look for my ANT+ stick for my Garmin 405 but despite turning my house upside three times over the weekend, still no joy so begrudgingly ordered a new one from Wiggle. luck has changed somewhat. Went off to the Lane last night, still fuming at Clattenburg but have cheered right up now. Beating the European Champions in our own back yard and Bale destroying Maicon all night long was pretty special. But that wasnt the end of it. Whilst sitting at my desk before I left, I logged on to my betting account and lumped £20 on Spurs winning 3-1 and vdV scoring the 1st goal. My colleague said I was mad but I'd had a vision.

    So after being bloody miserable losing a £60 helmet on the train and a £40 ANT stick on Saturday, I'm now £2k better off and have been eyeing up treating myself to an Edge 800 this morning. The thought did cross my mind about upgrading my Allez Elite but think I'm just gonna put the rest away for a rainy day.

    I just cant tell you how big the grin is on my face this morning. :D
  • nice one fella. COYS
  • paulboxpaulbox Posts: 1,203

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  • ValyValy Posts: 1,321
    holy censored !! 2k?

    Damn. :P
  • Tom BBTom BB Posts: 1,001
    Can I have some money for the advice about the pedal? Unlike yourself, I'd quite ike to upgrade my Allez :lol:
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