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pechachelipechacheli Posts: 184
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I wonder if anyone can offer some advice on tool kits.

I am looking to buy an all in one tool kit that covers most requirements to maintain my bike.

I was considering the Park Tool Advanced Mechanic Kit however wondered if anyone had any thoughts on whether or not it was a good buy or if there's a better alternative on the market for the money.

Any advice gratefully received!


  • If you can afford it, go for it... park tools are reliable

    There are cheaper alternatives... it's worth spending money on some tool and saving money on others... a pedal wrench is a pedal wrench and so it's a chain whip... they're all the same... but a good chain splitter is much better than a bad one, for example.
    A few tools in the box are redundant
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  • sungodsungod Posts: 16,071
    if you buy the kit, you'll have lots of tools you don't need, and will be missing things that you really do need

    some in the kit are not much use at all, the chain cleaner is not as good as just taking the chain off to clean, and the gp-2 is not good for road pressures

    worst of all, there's no torque wrench! you'd need to add one, plus a set of bits

    imho you'd be better off doing this...

    btw, for ease i just linked to things in wiggle, you might get a better price elsewhere

    get a decent multitool that has a chain tool and spoke wrenches, for instance... ... 360019202/ ... 360034763/ ... 360013736/

    this goes in your saddle bag, with a crank bros speed lever, park tyre boot kit, and a rema tt04 puncture repair kit

    get a box of nitrile mechanics' disposable gloves (put one pair in saddle bag)

    get a decent minipump... ... 360040908/ ...for on the road, if you can afford it also get a track pump for home

    that covers you for tweaks/repairs on the road, and all of it will double for use at home

    get a decent torque wrench, the sealey stw1012 is excellent...

    and a set of bits, these are good quality and include the adaptor to fit the wrench , i've used my set over a year and no sign of wear... ... B0001K9R6W

    fit your chain with a kmc missing link, then you can easily remove/refit for cleaning

    get some chain cleaner, and some lube and grease... ... 360021777/ ... 360050460/ ... 360050477/

    a small ultrasonic tank, such as jpl 7000, around 25 quid, is great for cleaning chains and small parts, it'll do a much better job than the thing in the park kit

    polish helps stop crud sticking to the frame, once on, it's easy to just hose down after a wet ride, lasts a couple of months before you need to redo... ... 360049221/

    then, as you reach the point where you need them...

    get a chain whip, some double as a pedal wrench or 1" spanner, decide which will be best value

    a cassette tool... ... 110000421/

    get a bb tool/wrench to match what is actually fitted to your bike

    *if* your cranks need crank removal/installation tool(s), get them (btw the park kit certainly misses the tool you'd need for fitting some common road cranks)

    maybe a big adjustable spanner (to use with the cassette/bb tools, and for pedals)

    some things need a rubber hammer to fit, but you can improvise that :-)

    one of these is a nice luxury for when adjusting cable tension... ... 300002307/

    when you get to cable replacement time, get some decent cutters, park ones are pricey, but very good, and they include crimping notches for cable end caps... ... 360008671/

    have a look at your hubs, some need cone spanners to adjust, some don't, if yours need them, then just buy the sizes you need

    i may have missed a couple of things, but i reckon the above will cover what you really need better than the kit
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  • Many thanks for the replies and Sungod big thanks for all the effort! Really appreciated.
  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    Build up your own tool kit by looking at the contents of said tool kit and as sungod says, only buy the ones that you will find invaluable.

    Some tools ie the cassette locknut remover, will be groupset specific so make sure you get the right one. The one sungod has recommended is fine if you have Shimano groupset, no good for Campagnolo, just a thought.

    One thing i will say is instead of a chain whip, you could go for the Pedros Vise Whip (around £30) which saves buggering about with a bit of chain, I never got on with a chain whip but find the Pedros tool fantastic. Great quality too.
  • All in one kits tend to be pants because you get tools that you may never use.

    Park, Cyclus, BBB, Cyclo.
  • jairajjairaj Posts: 3,009
    if you can afford it, then Park tools are regarded by many as very good.

    I use Lifelines's tool kit (I got it from wiggle) which is well built for the money. Tools feel good in the hand and work well. They do a smaller and a bigger set.

    I have the bigger set comes with a tool box and has pretty much everything you would need. I've only bought the odd extra tool here and there but I do try and do as much work on the bike as possible. Other wise the smaller set has all the basics.

    It usually goes on sale (i picked it up a while back for 50% off) and there are also a few copies about that are the same but re-branded which might be available for cheaper too.
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