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10 Speed chain

WorkshyWorkshy Posts: 4
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Having just upgraded to 10 speed shifters (105) and 10 speed cassette I noticed whilst adjusting the derailleur that there is one cog where the chain does not sit well whatever I do to the cable tension. Some research later I realise I also needed a 10 speed chain. I think this must be the problem, as the derailleur is 10 speed compatible. However it is Sunday tomorrow and I have a ride before the shops open.

Reckon it will be ok to ride for a couple of hours if I take care to avoid the cog the chain doesn't sit well on? Or will I ruin my new cassette (sram)?


    Personally I wouldn't ride it. Neither would I ever replace a cassette without doing the same with the chain, unless the chain was virtually new. I suspect it may jump when you put pressure on the cranks also.
  • WHS ^^^ 9 speed chain won`t work properly on a 10 speed cassette, the chain links are wider across the outside dimension, so won`t sit between the cassette teeth properly, likely to cause an accident IMO :?
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