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!0mls walk in r-shoes

john-e-big-gunsjohn-e-big-guns Posts: 489
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Got the best part of my training circuit compleat all but the last 10mls ...when the freewheel disides to impload..'Pawls' Balls'ed' on my winter bike..ahead a 10ml country road I phone my 'good lady' at work 'NO' I'll walk-scoot and ride the down hill bits...managed to borrow a srewdriver off someone working at one of the few remote properies near by...and removed the cleats...that was better for walking but still quite slippy esp on the rain soaked lanes...and leathel at 1st attemped to ride the down hill bits...plastic and alloy do'nt stick....stipped down the rear axle to find the whole hub needs replacing as the inner cone on the drive side as ground to a greasy paste..dispite re greasing early on this 20yr old Veloce's 8sp has finally died...and spears are like 'Hens Teeth'...more expence :( 'O' and the road shoes..nearly warn to the wick


  • waddliewaddlie Posts: 542
    Rules are for fools.
  • Waddlie wrote:

    Ya.... serious Head Injury from 15yrs ago do'es stick ya self rightus comment up ya a***s... censored
  • I would have called for the team car myself. That's what its for. She can record whatever she was watching. :D
  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    It's a pain, I've switched to the sidis with the replaceable soles for this reason exactly!
  • I once had a six mile walk home in road shoes, after the weld on the stem failed so the bike was unrideable. Fortunately the shoes hadn't got a great deal of life left in them so that finished 'em off good an proper.

    I also learned the always carry a mobile phone with you rule that day. :lol:
    Tail end Charlie

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  • dmch2dmch2 Posts: 731
    Mobile, cash, credit card, multi tool, puncture patch, tyre levers and spare inner tube. I should probably get a lightweight lock so in the worst case i can get a taxi home and then drive back to collect the locked bike.

    Can you get covers for shoes to make them easier to walk in? Or is that plain SPDs are for?
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  • LancsladLancslad Posts: 307
    You can get cleat covers but they would are stillcrap to walk in. Which is why I opted for spd's on my commuting bike after realising at some point I was going to break my neck walking 100yards and up two flights of stairs in roadshoes

    you could always carry a large pair of slippers to put over them in emergencies....... :wink:
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