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I ordered a Pure Chronos idock from this bunch last Sunday, manufacturer refurb, and paid the reasonable sum of £44.95. Expected to have it in a couple of days, however I'm sill waiting!!!
What has annoyed me even more is that it clearly states on the order that no money will be deducted from my back account until the item is dispatched. Having checked my back account today it was taken on 27.10.10 and the item has still not been dispatched, online account shows it still awaiting dispatch..
Even more annoying is the fact that it's been reduced by another £5!!!
Have sent numerous e-mails, which have been responded to, delays with this and that etc etc, but where do I stand if they have told me they wouldn't take any money until dispatch, and they have?
Have asked for either a full refund and cancellation of order, refund of the difference between order price and current selling price plus some further compo, and full explanation as to why my money has been taken and it's obvious nothing has been dispatched.

Recommend them? Not a chance.
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  • ebtebt Posts: 59
    Distance selling regs. Full refund and take a screenshot of the page showing its not despatched so they cant hit you for postage fees.
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