Wilier bike choice - down to the final 2

Dancing Bear
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Just when I thought I had settled on the 2011 Wilier Gran Turismo Sram kitted out bike, and my finger hovered over the 'buy' key on the website. I saw a special offer on the 2011 Cento 1, with full Chorus groupset and Shamal wheels for almost the same price

I love buying bikes but would not buy this year's colour scheme when there is 35% off last years - the big question is how good is the GT frame relative to the (perhaps) older tech of the Cento?

I admit having a leaning toward the Campag groupset over the SRAM - but dont have the experience of the SRAM. The cento sounds like more bike for the money

help and advice please


  • porker33
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    Sorry I don't know the answer, but this enough money to spend by hovering a finger over a buy it now button....I would have thought it would make sense to physically view and even ride the bikes yourself to see which one you actually prefer.

    if you need an internet opinion over your own,,,go with the,,,,err,,,,,,1st one.

    good luck!
  • Scrumple
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    The cento will be better.

    How much are they? I prefer SRAM by miles, though. Make sure the frame is right, you can change the rest.
  • Cento Uno without a doubt.

    Pro level frame, Shamals & 11 speed Carbon Campag.

    Get it bought before someone else on here sees it!

    Off for a jealousy fuelled ride now..
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  • Cento all the way, you would be mad not too!
  • Canny Jock
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    Definitely the Cento!!!
  • A Cento and Campagnolo, my preference by a long chalk (but a non-ISP version)