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Setting up a club?

XtotheZXtotheZ Posts: 24
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Me and some fellas i know are thinking of setting up a club here in ireland, dose anyone know where we get the club registrations forms and all that?

Ive tried looking at cycling irelands website but their dosnt seem to be anything there

Thanks in advance


  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Are there no clubs in your area ?

    You need a good few people who LOVE paperwork. Taking minutes, organising meetings, newsletters, attending cycling committees, doing accounts etc etc etc.

    My club has about 150 people in - a while back we had a splinter group form who just wanted to race really and werent bothered about all the admin. They lasted a year before they split. Without the people doing all the work - you dont have a club. Its not to be taken lightly. Every year we struggle to fill the positions and its a big club.

    Sorry - dont think that helps you very much - but my advice is find an existing club and get involved with that. Or just email Cycling Ireland ? I'm sure they'd be happy to help ?
  • I was thinking of starting one in Wales but maybe not now after reading this. cheers
  • tamtheman wrote:
    I was thinking of starting one in Wales but maybe not now after reading this. cheers

    have you thought of just maybe starting small with just a forum to arrange a few regular rides until more interest grows rather than go whole hog?
  • Howaya, where in Ireland are you? That Cycling Ireland website is a nightmare - not user friendly at all. What type of club are you thinking of? Racing, 'cross, MTB or just going for a spin?
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