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Removing FSA SLK chainset

amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
edited October 2010 in Workshop
Left hand crank looks like this:


Do I need a special tool to remove the outer washer-thing (the bit with 6 small holes)?

I can undo the hex bolt a bit, but it quickly becomes tight again and I don't want to force it. Not sure if the outer bit is screwed in or just a snug push fit.

More problems but still living....


  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    Is it a self extracting bolt?
    More problems but still living....
  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    Indeed it is, self extracting...

    Keep undoing it and the crank will just pop off, basically you have an integrated crank puller there! The washer with the six holes means as you unscrew the bolt it pulls the crank off the axle.
  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    Got it thanks. It was rather easy, I was just reluctant to force it until I knew for sure it was a self-extractor.
    More problems but still living....
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