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Oakley Radar's

JohnBoyUKJohnBoyUK Posts: 206
edited October 2010 in Road beginners
Hi Guys and Girls, another stupid question. I've been wearing a pair of Radar's for the last 2 years and am really happy with them and have been thinking about just getting some clear lenses for them so can wear them at night and just when its generally dull outside to keep the grit out of my eyes.

Now I'm presuming there isnt any major differences between the radar and the radar path other than the different shape of the lens? I'm presuming both lens types with fit my radar frames?


  • bobtbuilderbobtbuilder Posts: 2,058
    Yeah - the difference is just the lens shape.
  • Oh come on, buy another pair with a clear lens, imagine the time you'll save not having to swap them over. You know it makes sense :D
  • yeah get another pair & go custom 8)
  • JohnBoyUKJohnBoyUK Posts: 206
    Cheers guys. Got the vented clear ones in the end. Quite easy to change the lenses in and out thankfully!
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