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Going to the Dark Side!

pamuzupamuzu Posts: 89
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I'm thinking of getting a mountain bike so that I can keep commuting over the winter ice and snow. Does anyone kow if this will make any difference grip wise on the road?




  • pamuzupamuzu Posts: 89

    Cheers for the reply. So a cross bike like a hybrid? I'll look into that. Just think for the sake of speed it means I can still ride in the bad weather. Better than driving!

  • Ben6899Ben6899 Posts: 9,675
    pamuzu wrote:

    Cheers for the reply. So a cross bike like a hybrid?

    No a cross bike - like a road bike but with clearances for larger tyres.

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  • rich164hrich164h Posts: 433
    Think of them as toughened road bikes, rather than watered down MTBs (which more akin to what a Hybrid is).
  • alomacalomac Posts: 189
    pamuzu wrote:
    So a cross bike like a hybrid?

    They mean a cyclocross bike which, as they say, is essentially a toughened up road frame with clearence for wider tyres.
  • I would say a mountain bike would be the better option.

    If you don't know what a cross bike is, it's unlikely you'd use it for anything besides a few weeks' commuting (I'm assuming you're in the UK, not Norway!). Seems a lot of money (£800 minimum really) for not much use. They are of course designed for cross racing or fairly gentle off-road trails.

    A mountain bike can of course be used for a great deal more than a few snowy commutes, like mountain biking for example! If tyre width is an issue, you can fit very narrow tyres to a mountain bike, but you'd struggle to do the opposite, putting proper off-road 2.4s on a cross bike!

    BTW, despite what Specilaized might call it, I'd say the Tri-Cross is more like a hybrid/tourer than a cross bike. Triple chainset, full mudguard and rack mounts and supplied with slick tyres. The CruX is their proper cyclocross bike.
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