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Winter riding

pamuzupamuzu Posts: 89
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I ride a road bike to work and am thinking of getting a mountain bike for winter. Will this make it possible for me to ride in the ice and snow this winter? Or does it make little difference to coming off the bike?




  • Hi Phil

    If you brake on sheet ice on a MTB you are still likely to end up on the deck but you will be likely to fare better in snow than on a road bike.



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  • Steve_FSteve_F Posts: 682
    You definitely have a bit more chance on ice on an mtb than a roadie but that's probably 15% chance instead of 10%!

    I was out on the roadie a lot more last winter as the trails were unridable but if it was for a short commute it'd be an mtb for me every time when the weather gets worse than this.

    As for the snow, there have been plenty of days where I had a great time cycling to work when it would be dangerous in the car but once it gets too deep to cycle on the paths the road can be a seriously dangerous place to be.
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