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Steerer Tube too short

sparkins1972sparkins1972 Posts: 252
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I have bike that I bought second hand a while back. It is a flat barred road bike (Ridgeback Genesis Day 02) which the previous owner had upgraded with a Deda Black Magic front fork. He had then, from what I assume, cut the steerer tube down and removed all the spacers to get an agressive low bar position. I put up with the low bar position for a couple of years buit now I want to sell the bike and I honestly feel that the bar set up will be too low for most people as it really starts to make the wrists ache on longer rides.

Is there any safe way to rectify this (I have turned the stem up as it has several degrees of rise)?

thanks for the advice


  • softladsoftlad Posts: 3,587
    other than high-rise stems, I think a new fork is your only other option....
  • thanks for that oldnslow
  • A word of caution here:

    Depends entirely on what type of headset you have.

    If it's Integral, and I suspect it is as you say the steerer tube has been cut right down, then this option is no good for you as you require a central bolt from the top down to adjust the headset bearings.

    It is possible to buy adjustable stems which will clamp normally to your existing portion of fork and be adjustable for height. They also come in different lengths (from the bars to the stem).

    I'll find a link and post later.
    Something like this but not necessarily this one: ... elID=24316

    insterts link

    Be nice to all cyclists - you may want to borrow a pump one day :-)
  • Or maybe not :?

    Just had a better look at the suggestion by oldnslowpc and looks like it would do the job.

    Be nice to all cyclists - you may want to borrow a pump one day :-)
  • Weellllllll - just had another long look and the piece of kit definitely states:

    For adjusting the height of a short ahead stem.

    This is not the same as extending the steerer tube.

    Conclusion: don't buy anything too soon or by mail order until you are certain it will do the job. Take it your LBS and get confirmation.

    Be nice to all cyclists - you may want to borrow a pump one day :-)
  • If you're going to sell it, why bother?

    If bike adverts are anything to go by, a silly low bar position should attract more potential buyers. You did describe it as a "flat-barred road bike", after all.
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