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Steerer Tube

sparkins1972sparkins1972 Posts: 252
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I have an old bike that I bought second hand a few years back. It is a flat barred road bike (Ridgeback Genesis Day 02) which the previous owner had upgraded with a Deda Black Magic front fork. He had then, from what I assume, cut the steerer tube down and removed all the spacers to get an agressive low bar position. I put up with the low bar position for a couple of years buit nwo I want to sell the bike and I honestly feel that the bar set up will be too low for most people as it really starts to make the wrists ache on longer rides.

Is there any safe way to rectify this (I have turned the stem up as it has several degrees of rise)?

thanks for the advice


  • Not really. You can get ultra high rise stems but often the resulting steering is too nervous.
  • crankycrankcrankycrank Posts: 1,830
    It would be a waste to put money into a bike you're selling. There may be a buyer who comes along and thinks the setup is perfect for them and is happy they don't have to pay a shop to cut the steerer down. 8)
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