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Avid Juicy 3 Brake Question

HughstonHughston Posts: 5
edited October 2010 in The workshop
When changing the front tyre of my Marin Point Reyes the other day I must have pulled the brake (or trod on it or something..) and not the pads are stuck too close together for me to get the wheel back in.

I've taken the whole thing off for now and riding with back brake only which obviously isn't ideal.

I''ve tried to prise the pads apart with a flat head screwdriver but no luck, although I didn't force it too hard for fear of damaging the pads.

I took it to an Evans shop who quoted £12.00 just to look at it, which seems a bit much as I'm sure it's just turning a screw or something.

Any advice please?


  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    Buy a new pair of pads, then stick a big screwdriver/kitchen knife between the soon-to-be-knackered pads and twist, then keep using larger and larger implements until the pistons are all the way home and off you go.
  • kirby700kirby700 Posts: 458
    its true, its the only way! my 3 year old pulled my lever on friday and did the same thing! arrgghhh. New pads on the way
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  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    It does depend, sometimes you can take the pads out and VERY carefully push the pistons back in, but you need to be careful or you can get them stuck at a funny angle and then you're into fun and games with calliper stripping.

    Alternatively find a better LBS
  • Thanks guys.

    I was going to blame my 4 year old actually but it was probably me!

    What's an LBS?
  • LBS = Local Bike Shop.

    If you do the prising apart job carefully, using the thinnest blade screwdriver you can get away with and some cardboard/plastic shims or similar, you can avoid damaging your brake pads.

    I've done this loads of times. Usually post-transporting de-wheeled bikes in the boot of the car...

    Regardless, a few nicks in the pads isn't the end of the world. Better than riding with only one brake anyway...

    Then buy or make some shims so it doesn't happen again. Like I did! Not.
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