New Bike or New Wheels?

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I have a Trek Madone, 7 years old. I'm reasonably happy with it, full carbon, ultegra 10 speed, but the rear wheel has failed.

A decent set of wheels is going to cost £500 but im not sure if the bike (or my riding skills) warrant it. On the other hand looking at the current Trex 5.7 as an example it seems that wheels aren't that brilliant on complete bikes, more like £200 level.

Relative costs aside, would i get more benefit upgrading wheels on a bike with tired components, than a complete new bike which would be lighter, latest tech and new components through out?

I guess if i had a nice shiney new bike i could see where my money has gone, not convinced that bunging on some fulcrum 3s or Mavic elites would have the same impact?
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    Planet X have (had?) fulcrum 3s for only £275 if that helps.

    I doubt you actually need new bike are the components really that worn? New chain and cassette maybe? But new shiny stuff is very motivating! although saving £1000 by not buying a new bike is pretty motivating too!
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    New bike.
    No contest.
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    the best Fulcrums your pennies will stretch to - that would be my advice
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