Stem Length

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does the length of a stem matter, and if so how would you find the right size for yourself?



  • length of the stem is pretty vital really, can affect the handling of the bike aswell as your comfort whilst riding it.

    ideally length would be defined by a proper bike fit. A general guide would be, when your sat on the drops, and you look down the bars should be directly up from the front hub. if its too short the bars will look behind the hub, too long you will be past the front hub..... i'm pretty sure thats it, someone will no doubt confirm though.

    But yes, its pretty important to be the right length.
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    This should help:
    What's the best length for a Cycle Stem?
    Look at your current stem size, stack and length. Then consider your ride preferences: longer stems are best for hill climbing but you won't have as good control. Short stems offer a better ride in general but the trade off is hill climbing - you'll need to get out of the saddle! Also remember that a longer reach stem will mean you are stretched out over long periods and may cause back ache so all these things need to be taken into account when buying a stem.