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Avid Juicy 3 Brake Question

HughstonHughston Posts: 5
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I've got a Marin Point Reyes which is a few years old now, and has the Avid Juicy 3 brakes. I've never had a problem with these, but recently changed my tyres (to winter tyres) and the front brake has somehow gotten jammed on.

I guess I must have inadvertently pulled the lever, although have never done that before and have changed the tyres/tubes countless times, but anyway - how do I unstick the brakes?

Probably an obvious question - but I've tried to prise them apart with a flat head screwdriver with no success, and I can't see what else I can do?

I'd be very grateful for any advice/suggestions?



  • FunBusFunBus Posts: 394
    The pistons really should return into place if you remove the wheel and use a decent sized flat head screw driver (so that it doesnt bend when a little bit of pressure is applied).

    This may take a little bit of force, but dont worry, the caliper will take it.

    If this really wont work, you may need to bleed the brake to release the pressure - but i'd be suprised if it came to that
  • Gently work the pistons in and out (not too far in, leave your screwdriver in the gap!) a couple of times and then try to push them all the way back. Check that the caliper is still on correctly. To do this loosen the two bolts holding the caliper to the bracket mount and pull the brake on and off a couple of times (with the wheel fitted) then, with the brake pulled hard, re-tighten the bolts.

  • diydiy Posts: 6,473
    If the above doesn't work then you can loosen the bleed screw to let some of the fluid out, then when they are reset you will probably need to bleed them again.
  • Steve_FSteve_F Posts: 682
    This may be complete nonsense and totally unadvisable but I sometimes put a bit of grease/oil on the pistons and work them in and out. If yours have siezed maybe a bit of GT85 on them to get them moving and lube them up after that?

    I only do this on a piston that had siezed to try and get it to last a bit longer. It still seems to work.

    That wasn't a Juicy 3, I hate mine but have never had this problem with them.
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  • diydiy Posts: 6,473
    Steve_F do you not need to add that the pads should be removed first? given that this is the beginners thread, I have visions of people spraying their brakes with lube and wondering why they rode through the first hedge they came to on a bend.

    Personally I opt for brake cleaner it has the same lubrication effect, but evaporates.

    Isopropryl is cheap too. But for clarity, pads out first in either case.
  • Steve_FSteve_F Posts: 682

    How very right you are diy!

    Apologies for missing that out! I had thought the op mentioned having the pads out but I realise now it didn't!

    I'd maybe bettercheck this isn't what I've been doing too!
    Current steed is a '07 Carrera Banshee X
    + cheap road/commuting bike
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