Road bike or just change tyres?

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Hiya, I'm currently out injured & it's going to be a very long time before I can MTB. Hoping Fiz starts me on a gym bike over next few wks & have bought a turbo trainer for when I can do a full rotations, but was thinking about getting a road bike to build up strength once I'm allowed outside. A friend said just put road tyres on though - would that work? Thanks


  • yeh, getting some 26" slicks would work well, no need for a road bike, infact you'll get better training on your MTB because it'll be heavier than a road bike.
  • If it's just to build up strength, then yep some slicks would do the job fine for a lot less money! A road bike will basically just make it all a lot easier/faster, but you can always get one later if you decide you love it.
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    agreed, get slick tyres :D
    Little Purple Patriot :D
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    Hay bartiebat glad to hear your on the mend :-) (perry here from kitesurfing :-))
  • Brilliant, thanks for that!! Fiz put me on a bike yesterday for the first time so I'd best get shopping! wahoo! :)

    Hi Perry, *waves* We get everywhere!!hehe Thanks, yeh me too, it's killing me, but be tootling on a beach by christmas for sure :)
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    start by putting slicks on, if you like it and think you'll carry on get a road bike, they're way more fun to ride on the road
  • Having done both quite extensively (top 10% in the etape for the last 2 years AND I race DH) I would say get a road bike. A road bike will obviously be easier but you'll go further and faster and you therefore will get fitter than on an MTB with slicks. If you're out from MTB for as long as you think then a £500, 2nd hand road bike is a smart investment.

    Fix well!