Dura Ace or Mavic Ksyrium

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Dura Ace cl's or sl's versus Ksyrium sl's. These will be my race wheels for road/crit racing and the occasional time trial. Any opinions welcome. Thanks.


  • DAs all day
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    DA is the way.
  • Bozman
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    Had them both but the DAs got written off in a crash, i've abused the SLs for 3yrs on bumpy country lanes and they're bullet proof, they're still in top condition. The DAs were a great wheel, light, stiff and very smooth but I didn't bother getting them again, i went for the RS80s after a recommendation, and there's squat difference between the two(the logo).
    If you want to spend £500, get the DAs
  • incog24
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    DAs are lighter. SLs are tougher. So it depends how often you plan on buying that kind of wheel set?
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  • incog is right IME of owning DAs and two pairs of Ks. Ks are really tough though the ride quality is not up there with the DAs and neither are the hubs. personally, I'd go DA, but the Mavics do trump them for durability