First full suspension bike !!! ! Spec Epic FSR Carbon Comp

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Hi All

Just had my first full susp bike today after years off road riding. It's a Spesh Epic Comp FSR Carbon with the brain.

I have only been in the street on it and it feels very 'strange' with suspension !!!

It's as if curbs are not there, you just ride up them instead of lifting front wheel or are you supposed to ??

I have also been reading on setting the sag, compression and rebound and find it confusing TBH.

Anyone got any tips for advice for a total newbie ??

Specialized Epic FSR Carbon Comp


  • Any decent Spesh dealer should have spent time setting it up for you. To do it yourself your'll need a shockpump and something to measure the sag (Spesh have small plastic thing but you can use a zip-tie).

    Have a Google...plenty of articles out there on sag settings.

    As for just riding over curbs...may I suggest learning the front and back wheel lift? Riding a FS doesn't mean all your skills go out of the window!