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Front fork, clearance and Crud Road Racers

GavHGavH Posts: 933
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Last year I bought some Crud Road Racers (the Mk1 obviously) and tried to fit them to my Bianchi, only to discover that the 4mm of clearance between the bridge of the fork and my Conti GP4000S tyre was insufficient. No worries, I simply moved them across to my then winter bike.

Forward wind a year or so and I've flogged the winter bike, complete with guards and started to build a new winter trainer. I've put an old set of steel forks on which as they had mudguard eyelets, I assumed would have more than enough clearance to accept the new Mk2 Cruds when I get them. Having added the wheels off the Bianchi (Shimano WH-R550s with afore mentioned Contis) to the winter frame, I was surprised to find that I still only have 4mm clearance on this setup also. I think the Conti GP4000S tyres run at about 24mm despite being advertised (IIRC) as 23mm.

What's my most likely fix? A new fork or different tyres?

Any help greatly appreciated.



  • ColinJColinJ Posts: 2,218
    Obviously, smaller tyres would be the easiest option.

    Some people have been creating extra clearance by grinding away some of the plastic from the tops of the guards where they pass under the brake calipers. Just make sure not to overdo it! :wink:
  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    The Cruds might still fit with the 4mm clearance.
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