I want to put a 9sp Shimano cassette on a campag centaur hub

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Can you do it? It seems there are conversion kits for putting campag cassettes on shimano splined hubs. It seems there are some campag wheels that you can change the freehubs so you can bung shimano cassettes on but I can't find a way of putting a shimano 9-speed cassette on my campagnolo 08 centaur hub.

Any help would be gratefully received.

I want to run two pairs of wheels on my winter 'cross bike. I have one pair of suitable shimano wheels with the knobblies on and I have a spare pair of campag hand builts which I'd like to have set up with road tyres for a quick swap.


  • Monty Dog
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    Easiest would be to re-space a Campagnolo cassette like a Mirage or Veloce i.e. one assembled from single sprockets. Highpath Engineering will sell you a spacer kit for £15-20 or get a machinist to turn you one from Delrin. You will not be able to fit any Shimano sprocket to a Campagnolo hub - never mind the spline pattern, the hole isn't big enough
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    As an alternative, I'm 99% sure this will fit your hub.

    The Fulcrum 5 wheel uses the Campagnolo Mirage hub, which according to the Campag spares catalogue takes the same freehub as the 2008 Centaur hub. So by that circular logic it should work!
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    Thanks guys - will try highpath engineering
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    i have a campag spaced casette on a shimano wheel (bontrager SSR) which is kind of the reverse of your problem. - it's an ambrosio and they make them to solve your problem too:


    it's heavier than the record on my other bike, but then again, it's only £40 too! - seems to be wearing well so I would recommend it.

    alternativelt - we could swap wheels! :-)
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    Campagnolo offer virtually all their wheels with the option of a Shimano-compatible freewheel body. Assuming one of these bodies is the same as that on your hub it should be available as a spare part, so I'd look at the spares PDFs on the Campag website. Even if it is possible, the price may not be reasonable though!