What bike for £150? (no, not £1,500)

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Mate said he wanted a bike and that was his budget.

I said second hand was the only real option. Any other?

Not entirely sure what's it's for if i'm honest. Possibly just knocking about town, but maybe could also be encouraged to start riding it for training purposes.

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  • Percy Vera
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    eBay is your best bet.
    With that budget no point asking 'what' bike.
  • dmch2
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    I've seen a couple of new bikes at £400 (2010 trek 1.1 and a Giant Defy 4 I think).

    A mate is in a similar position and he's finding that even on eBay things aren't reduced that much eg 500 quid bikes are about 300. So not cheap enough to gamble on it when it may have been abused and not that much cheaper than a new 400 bike.

    So I think I'm saying he's out of luck unless he gets lucky :?

    What about Police bike auctions? Some areas auction off all the bikes the Police have collected over the year - he may find something there?
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  • tenor
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    Second hand is the only answer at 150.
    A friend recently bought a really good Giant cycle via Gumtree fpr 130.