Winter Road Bike????

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Looking at a Kinesis Racelight T2.

Any opinions??

Was out yesterday and did 50 mile on my Cervelo.............not doing that again........muck, ice, stones, horse sh1t and salt everywhere!!!!

Want something bomb proof for winter. My lbs will build it to my spec?

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  • I have a racelight TK2 and am more than pleased with it (although after my ride at the weekend must get some mudguards :D needed a good wash down to get rid of the manure, salt grit etc). did quite a bit of research before I took the plunge but am not disappointed at all

  • twotyred
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    I have a Racelight Tk with Shimano 105 and I'm really pleased with it. Its been my all season do anything bike for the last 18 months tackling training/recreation rides and sportives. Its a classy frame, very comfortable ride- better than some carbon frames I've ridden and deserves decent components. The Racelight T will probably be less compliant from what I've heard. If you can afford it go for the Tk