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Cracked rim

that_guythat_guy Posts: 19
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I was putting on a new tyre when I saw a hairline crack in the shape of a Y at a spoke nipple, next to the valve. This was after not using them for about 6 weeks. These are Planet X model Bs (not carbon rims) and I've had them for about 6/7months. The crack is only about 1cm, so can I still ride on it or is it witten off? Should I talk to Planet X ,as I kept them in decent condition, never had to true them, or is this not uncommon?

Sorry for all the questions, it just hasn't happened to me before.


  • dmch2dmch2 Posts: 731
    If there's a crack then don't ride on them. Once a crack starts it can grow very quickly leading to complete failure (find a medium or someone who can talk to the dead and get them to ask anyone who took off but unfortunately never landed in a Comet mk 1 jet airliner in the 60s).

    I suspect your chances of getting a refund or replacement are pretty low :(
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  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    Phone them up and see what they say, I wouldn't ride it in the meantime.
  • Thanks for the replys, the next problem is they don't sell rear wheels, only front ones and wheelsets :x
  • Here's yet another report of failure of those budget wheels.

    You get what you pay for. If you don't have sa warranty replacement, I strongly advise you to get a set of hand builts... for 200-250 pounds you can get a set made with good quality rims, hubs and spokes. This is possible as you buy from the builder, effectively cutting one step from the supply chain (lbs or online retailer)... so a set of 200 pounds is worth a 300-400 pounds set of factory wheels of similar quality.
    These PRO Lite, Planet X & co. are underengineered and that's why they are cheap. In 2010 you can't get a light whelset for under 200 pounds without cutting corners
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  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Planet-X Bs are handbuiilts - I'd give them a call to see if at least they can do a deal rebuilding your wheel with a new rim if they say it isn't warranty plenty of people ride them with few problems. I don't have these wheels but know plenty of others who do.
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  • andrew_sandrew_s Posts: 2,511
    A wheel with a crack round the nipple isn't going to collapse or anything, but if it goes out of true you are unlikely to be able to straighten it usefully.
  • Just a thought, if anybody's still around, could I still use it on a turbo, where it wouldn't really matter if I fell over (nobody would see) :)
  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    My Model Bs have been absolutely fine, light, quiet and fast, and let's face it, this could happen to any rim out there .....
  • I've got nothing against them- I thought that they were fast and light. I dunno about it being able to happen to any rim, because although I haven't avoided potholes I haven't aimed for them either, just usual wear and tear. I can only compare this with the original wheels that are unbranded, heavy and slow but seem to be bombproof.
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