Best Bike for training and triathlon event

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Hi all,

I'm looking to join a triathlon event mid 2011. I'm looking for a road bike which I can train on and participate in the event with. The triathlon for the riding portion, is a 56 Mile road bike course.

The road specs for the course is:

Maximum Elevation - 395m
Minimum Elevation - 287m
Ascending - 359m
Descending - 363m

Image: Muskoka%20Ironman%2070.3%20bike%20elevation.gif

What would be the best bike to fit my needs? I heard the Trek Road bikes are pretty good, but theirs tons of models to choose from. Does it matter whether your tall/big? If so, I'm 5'10 170lbs.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


  • m8 to be honest it depends on your budget; you can pick up some good deals (last seasons models) for under 500 notes, CRC has a CUBE for 499.99, so far as hight and weight are concerned then you need to find your ideal Top Tube length for bike size,

    use this

    Top tube length is different with the same frame size on different bike makes sometimes so so need to know this.

    and weigth at 170lbs it's not an issue i started riding at 18 stone, if you train from now until your race you should lose a few lbs which will be better than buying a lighter bike imo.
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    Pretty much any bike, from any of the "big" makes between £500 - £1000 will suffice, tons of choice out there.