Remote lockout

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My biking buddy is looking to upgrade his current bike. He is looking to have handle bar mounted lockouts for both front & rear suspension. At present he can only see Scott bikes that have this, but that limits his choice of bike to that brand. Do other companies have this come as standard on certain models or can he buy any bike and just buy this as an upgrade If this can be done can it be attached to any suspension unit? Any advice i will pass on - thanks.


  • Chunkers1980
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    Most forks either come with bar mounted lock outs or can be retro fitted.

    To have this ability on the rear you need to spend a fair amount of ££ to get a shock that locks prob £200 or more.
  • .blitz
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    The fork remote lockout requires a new damper unit which I understand is not inexpensive, so a retro-fit is not really viable.

    The remote lockout on my RS Revs plays very nicely with SRAM shifters and Avid brakes, Rock Shox have obviously put some thought into how it all fits together on the bars.

    On some forks the lockout is pretty much redundant but other forks can be set up with more finesse and the lockout (even more so the remote operation) can be very useful.
  • I used the rockshox one with shimano brakes and gears and it still fitted a treat and worked super well.