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bb30 or not?

psowing200psowing200 Posts: 2
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Hi everyone,

i just sold out my cervelo s2 and get a tamac sl2 from my friend(should be 08-09model qick step team model, this bike has just been bulit up for a month and only ride a few times.)

the bike come with a shimano ultegra crank, but as i know that tarmac sl 2 can equip with bb30crank, right? so i just decide to change it to sram red bb30 crank. however, one of my friend who are a expert on bicycle and has worked in the bicycle shop for a long time, he suggest me "do not change it to bb30, just keep using the ultegra, it should be better" because i ask him at the phone, he do not explain more, he said next time go to his shop and he will explain more.

so is this correct? better to stay with ultegra crank?



  • sungodsungod Posts: 15,268
    if you like ultegra stay with it, if you prefer sram red choose that

    if the bike is bb30, the ultegra will be using an adaptor to fit bb30, so it mike be a little heavier, it might be a little less stiff

    but if it is all set up correctly it's unlikely you'll notice any difference in practice
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  • nferrarnferrar Posts: 2,511
    Would depend it came as a complete bike or just a frame to, think the frames weren't BB30 but even if it were BB30 as above I can't say you'd notice a difference switching cranks to a BB30 specific model.
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