Cycle 2 Austria! Advice Required

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Hello all,

I am in the process of organising a cycle trip for myself and 3 friends to cycle to austria from holland in April. The reason for the ride is to raise money for SCOPE. This charity is very close to my heart as my son has mild CP.

So the reason for this thread (which I hope I have in the correct place), is to ask for tip that any of you might have who have undertaken similar challenges.

Feel free to visit our website for further info on our cycle ride if you wish - but the ride isnt open to the public.

Thank you and I look forward to reading all your tips!


  • I live in Austria, and if you make it out towards Vienna drop me a PM and I will take you for a ride around my area, and could consider donation.
  • Hi Monster,

    We are heading to Neustift im Stubaital - its a place where 3 of us use to live/work. It's very close to innsbruck so maybe a bit to far from you guys. Would love a tour one day though!
  • make sure you have lots of snacks, liquids and waterproofs and maybe an emergency salami and you'll be alright... oh and puncture proof tyres
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  • eskeydog

    I've got a Oesterreichs karte for OEBB, so maybe ill take a trip down to meet up with you guys for a ride in that area if you arn't too dead. Definitely keep me posted on when you guys arrive! Best of luck.
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    OOH wow, sounds awesome. Been to Austria a few times and love it, if I had to pick a place to live in Europe for a few years that would be it, but only because Slovene would be harder to learn than German. ANYWAY, what sorta bikes are you using?...out of pure curiosity.