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I'm a regular blood donor but have just signed up for donating platelets, which I understand can happen about once a month. As I live near a major regional cancer centre it will be put to good use, but I'm wondering if these regular donations will have any temporary impact upon my fitness?

Any platelet donors out their care to comment?
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    Should have no real affect on fitness, other than possibly being a tad tired- but they wont ever harvest too many in one go as they dont want to make you ill, and unlike normal donating you will get your red cells back and its losing them that can make you tired after normal donations.

    I suffer from very low platelets and manage very well without them most if the time (bruises are one of my favourite hobbies)-but again they wont ever take you that low!

    Good on your for donating, it really makes a difference to peoples lives (I wish I wasnt banned at the moment, but my bloody is fairly useless at the mo!)
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