Chainset Compatability

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I've just bought a Shimano Deore Chainset and am wondering do i have to have at with 9 speed cassette ? also am i eight in thinking that i need a octalink BB or can i use a Hollowtech?


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    Which chainset? There'll be a number on the back of the pedal hole, FC-M5xx. Hollowtech refers to the crank manufacturing process rather than anything to do with BB fittings.

    It could be a Hollowtech 2 (confusingly unrelated to Hollowtech), if the axle is integrated into the RH crank, or Octalink, or Square Taper!

    Irrespective of which model it is you don't have to use a 9 speed cassette though.
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    The Deore Chainset generally comes with a BB if its Hollowtech2.

    Should be compatible with 8 speed cassette and chain I think.
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  • Just checked the chainset and on the back of the crank arm it mentions Shimano M530/531. and looking on the internal there seems 8 notches for the bottom bracket?
    so would it be Hollowtech 11 or octalink?
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    and will work with 8 with no probs.
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  • nice 1. am putting this in GT 14" Aggressor 2.0 frame. what or should i say how do i measure what size bottom bracket i need?