Rear Brake Cable Outer Problem

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I am tidying up my Monoc TC2 and decided to replace the cables with a new Jagwire set.

The problem I have is that the rear brake cable outer seems really inflexible and subsequently is pushing down on the caliper resulting in it not releasing off the rim.

I have tried different lengths to see if this helps but nothing is working. The frame of the bike has a very sloped top tube and this makes the length of the cable very short from the frame to the brake adjustor.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated, it's driving me mental.

I hope this makes sense.


  • I am assuming you have already removed the cable, centred the brake with your left hand, and tightened the brake bolt with your right. And tight.
  • softlad
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    I had exactly the same problem. The only solution I found was to replace the Jagwire outer section with a length of Shimano outer and the problem was solved.

    To be honest, I only bought the Jagwire set for the colour - and I don't rate them at all. I also found that the ferrules are a very poor fit into the calipers - will be sticking to stock outers in future...
  • Berk Bonebonce
    The brakes have all been centred properly and tightened correctly. I have tried all sort of different lengths and bend radii.

    The cable end ferrules are completely guff, all they contribute is to make it even more difficult to fit the outer. I have tried the old outer but it is crudded right up so the only thing left to do is cut down the old outer which ran under the bar tape. Hopefully this will be a bit cleaner.

    It annoys me a lot when they supply bendy outers for under the bar tape but haven't addressed the fact that many modern bikes have a sloping top tube, therefore a shortened length to the caliper. I could do with the bendy bit at the back and not under the tape.

    Thanks for your responses guys.
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    Remember a similar thread recently; think it was a Spesh Ruby. Ultimately solved by using a bit of Nokon outer which allows tight bends but doesn't compress under braking.
  • keef66
    Thanks for the reply, I've used a cut section of the old outer from the lever end temporarily. I'll look up that thread this evening.
    Thanks again.