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Replaced cassette - noisy drivetrain

ketsbaiaketsbaia Posts: 1,718
edited October 2010 in The workshop
So I replaced the campy cassette this evening from a 14-28 tooth to a 12-23, 9 speed. Think I've done everything right, but now the problem is everything feels really bumpy.

Now I didn't change the chain as it's not all that old, but I guess you're supposed to do that when you change the cassette. But could it be anything else causing the noise/feeling? Almost feels like there's now a ton of gravel in the bottom bracket.

Or should I put a new chain on and see if the problem persists? Or just take it down the bike shop and 'fess up?


  • Personaly I would fit a new chain with a new cassette, even if you've only done 400 or 500 miles there is going to be a missmatch between the worn chain and the new cassette. It does create that notchy feeling you mention as well. It will go away after 40 - 50 miles or so because the new cassette will very rapidly wear to match the chain.
    Dolan Preffisio
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  • ketsbaiaketsbaia Posts: 1,718
    Bent rear mech hanger. :(

    On the upside, it means I fitted the cassette correctly. :D
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