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Brake Play

LjStrongeLjStronge Posts: 287
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Hope you can help

I have Tektro Auriga Comps on my Rockhopper.

A couple of months ago I had the bike serviced (I was going away on holiday and wanted it all nice for when I got back!) and the bike returned with the brakes set up perfectly.

I like myb rakes to be quite tight in the sense that I am only pulling in the lever about half way at max. They were like this

Recently the brakes have become really spongy and nearly come all the way back to the bars, they work fine and are solid but there so much play in the lever. Surely they do not need bleeding again?

It is the same with both brakes. Would this happen if the pads are getting worn? They don't look too bad but I have never bought a new set (Brakes are 6 months old)

I am quite prepared to by a bleeding kit but just wanted to see if that is the problem. I could just get new pads and check but I thought I would ask in case I am missing something obvious
Specialized Rockhopper Comp 2009.


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