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Having problems with my carbon post sliding down all the time. It's sitting in a carbon frame but with an alloy/aluminiun collar. Am a bit scared to really tighten down on it with the allen key. I've heard/ read you can buy some kinda "paste" for carbon to carbon contact points, just seems a bit excessive.
Any other tips, tricks, ideas anyone please.



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    The Carbon Assembly Compound is less than £8 and if you are worried about messing up your frame and / or seatpost it would seem to be cheap at the price. Don't be tight now :roll: :wink:
  • Chain Reaction sell small sachets of the anti-slip paste, dirt cheap to see if it cures the problem. Cheaper option which does work is clean the post and inside the tube then give the post a good squirt of hair spray (pinch some if you don`t use it yourself :wink: ) then re-fit the post while the stuff is still wet, tighten the clamp to the correct torque, you have got a torque wrench havn`t you?
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    Ritchey Torqkey for 12 quid - stop you over-tightening and a lot cheaper than a replacement post.
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    +1 Tacx Carbon Assembly Compound.

    You can buy it in tubs for about £15, but you only need a small amount so the 80g tube from PBK is plenty
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    When this happened on my new bike (carbon post, ally frame) I emailed Epic asking the max torque figure, which I received followed by a sachet of carbon assembly compound in the post free of charge :D Enough to do a seatpost 3 or 4 times, the stuff means the post stays where it's put without having to tighten the bolt anywhere near it's max reccommended torque.