Panniers - what to look for?

Mr Plum
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Just bought a Tricross Sport to do some touring with and need some advice on panniers. What should I be looking for in terms of features? I've done some basic research and these look good for the money - ... K:MEWAX:IT

Suggestions and advice would be much appreciated.
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  • Weejie54
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    Ease of attachment and removal, how waterproof (saves on plastic bags), ease of access to vital items (extra pockets are useful), strength of material and stitching.

    The eBay ones look like they tick a box or two. Carradice, Ortlieb and the old Karrimor (Lancashire built) panniers are top stuff.
  • BenS999
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    I have some Orlieb Classic Rollers, see link below (you can get them cheaper if you search), and they are quite basic. They have an internal pocket, part of which has a zipper. When folded down they are waterproof and the material seems to be very tough. They lack the many useful pockets of other panniers but I think they make up for it in easy of use and strength.
    The clasp/ hook mechanism to attach to the bike is brilliant, simply drop on via handle and it locks, then lift the handle up and it disengages to locks and off it comes.

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  • Mr Plum
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    Cheers for the advice guys. Those Orlieb panniers look great but cost probably double what I'm looking to spend :P Something to think about though...
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  • MichaelW
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    Ive used cheapie panniers, carradice and ortleib.
    A decent panniers should have:
    Quick-release, locking mounts, NOT hook and elastic or velcro.
    Lightweight stiffening in back and base
    A heel cutout profile for more forward mounting and prevent heel clip.

    Tough material that wont flap in the wind. Waterproof covers are a real hassle, they collect water and dirt.

    The choice of main compartment or organise style is up to you. I prefer a main compartment for touring and shopping use. Zips add weight, cant be over-stuffed and are the first point of failure. A roll-top is very waterproof, a flap-top has very quick access for grabbing or stuffing a waterproof jacket.
    An external pocket is useful.