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Ridgeback Panorama - Gearing

franktompsonfranktompson Posts: 15
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Having just had my Jack Taylor Tour of Britain nicked :cry: , I'm looking to buy something new, shiny, and up to date.

The Ridgeback Panorama seems to be about the best of the bunch (including Dawes Super Galaxy, Claud Butler Dalesman, etc) to meet my needs.

However, living in Bath we have these nasty things called big hills, and this old goat needs something with really low gearing. The Panorama comes with 11-32 at the rear and 48-36-26 at the front.

Could anyone advise please if the gearing is 'upgradable' to have an 11-34 on the rear and 48-36-24 at the front and would the chain be able to cope with the increased range?

With thanks,
Frank Tompson, Bath


  • softladsoftlad Posts: 3,513
    wrong forum, Frank.
  • mateotumateotu Posts: 33
    Oh, hi Frank, cheers for all the good work :)

    The Deore XT rear derailleur will certainly take an 11-34 cassette. The front derailleur probably won't cope with a 24-tooth front difference - I did manage to get a 24-36-48 working once, but it was annoyingly unreliable. Change all the rings to 24-34-46, lower the derailleur to match, and you should be fine.
  • JesseDJesseD Posts: 1,961
    If you live in Bath, go see Jonny and Will at Cadence on the corner of Chelsea Road by the RUH, they will almost definately have something in stock or will be able to get you something that will perfectly fit your needs.
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  • Hi Frank,
    I know that is was ages ago that you posted your question but I am curious to know whether you changed your chainrings and cassette and what worked out for you in the end. I am in an identical quandry. I was told by Ridgeback that an 11-34 cassette would be fine but a 24t small front ring is not advised.
    Thanks Sally
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