After a classic steel tourer. Galaxy what else to look for?

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I would like to build a classic steel tourer for a Wales end to End trip next year. I want a old bike and do it up in my spare time. I know the Dawes Galaxy is a great bike any others i should look out for? The geometry on the old bikes are different i'm 5'7" inside leg 30" what size bike should i be looking for?


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    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • According to Chris Juden, CTC technical expert, the Dawes Galaxy is still hard to beat as a tourer and they still fetch good money on Ebay. It can be far more expensive building a bike up from scratch as you will have to get hold of a frame first, then wheels etc, but that is all part of the fun. I would also look on CTC for sale website, as frames, wheels, groupsets, etc get sold on there quite regularly, as well as complete bikes - there are some Thorns on there right now. I bet you could build a complete bike just from CTC, if you are patient, as there seems to be something of everything on there. Orbit Gold Medals go fairly cheaply, and they were dependable bikes and the frames were bomb proof, but they are not 'classic'. If you are doing light touring, any old 531 frame with mudguard clearance will do, Bob Jackson, Viking, B Rourke, Mercian, and they should have nice lug work etc, for a classic look, with decent wheels like Mavic Open pro - keep to 36 spoke - if you use a bar bag and saddle bag etc.

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