Gearing question - some advice please :0)

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Hi all,

I have had my 2009 Rockhopper Pro since May 2009, it is regularly cleaned and lubed and is in very good condition.

It has never been serviced fully, only had general maintenance and the wheels have been trued once, it will need some parts replacing at some stage; most likely the chain & rear cassette first, and maybe the chainset.

What I'd like to know when I get to change the rear cassette is what difference the teeth ratios mean; I currently have a Shimano HG-50, 9-speed, 11-34t but when I searched for a replacement there was an 11-32t option and a 14-25t option. What does this mean in relation to gearing? I find I spin out sometimes and like I could pedal more, will changing the cassette to a different one help or should I stick with what I have?

Also, do I need to replace like for like or is there a suitable alternative, an upgrade to that fitted? [If a rear cassette can be that much different to the next] :?:

Soz if it's a simple answer but this is the best place to ask :)



Rockhopper Pro Disc 2009 :D


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    A cassette has a range of sprockets with different teeth. Currently 11t is the smallest and is the highest gear, and 36t the largest and is the smallest gear. Not all derailers can handle 36t: most can handle 34t.

    As you already have 11t you will not increase in the gearing. If you go for a 34t you will have an easier lower gear, but a bigger jump to it.

    A larger chainset will up all gears ie 28-38-48. Again, may not fit though.