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bed and breakfast / cheap hotel near Lake Reschen/Resia.

DTHDTH Posts: 303
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we are cycling from Innsbruck to Venice next Sept, i'm in the process of sorting out the digs to stay in. We are after the type of place you can get in the French Alps. No frills clean and good cyclists food. Anyone stayed in the area. We are heading south past the lake on the east side towards the Stelvio Pass.. :shock:


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  • andymillerandymiller Posts: 2,856
    Your best bet would be the Süd Tirol tourism website: ... ation.html

    where you can search for and book hotels gasthof (is that the right word - I speak almost no German). Their iPod app list a load of places in Burgeis. Resen itself is pretty small IIRC.

    I'd strongly advise following the percorso ciclabile down the western side of the lake and avoid the road - the percorso ciclabile is much more enjoyable, and will take you to the turnoff for the Stelvio pass.

    If you haven't already done so Google Via Claudia Augusta and ciclabile di Val Venosta (sorry can't remember it's German name).

    The Via Claudia Augusta provides a good signposted route towards Venice (but if you were the guys looking for big climbs - unfortunately none of those),

    One issue to bear in mind is that the roads in this area are fairly busy - they provide an obvious short cut for people wanting to go from Austria towards Treviso/Padova/Venice. This includes some big HGVs (longer than anything I've seen in the UK) and HGVs with two trailers each the size of a medium-sized UK HGV trailer. The roads are rideable and not awful awful but I'd take the quiet roads (strade provinciale) and cycle paths (piste ciclabile) when you can.

    There's a lovely signposted route (the Lunga via Delle Dolomite) which goes from Calalzo di Cadore down the valley of the Piave following the old via alemania - which is now largely bypassed by the SS51.There's also an enjoyable pista ciclabile from Cortina d'Ampezzo down into Calalzo (although unfortunately the first few kms from Cortina are probably unrideable on a roadbike so you might have to take the road and pick it up later.
  • dvh798dvh798 Posts: 16
    We've stayed here
    up to date prices are in the german language page, just off the main road through resia.
    Prices in Italy have got quite expensive.
    food was very good, if the menu didn't have what you wanted, just ask they will see what they can.
    The family who own it speak english, the senior owner speaks very good english, and his wife is from Doncaster
    As andymillar say's the road through is very busy.
    what the cycle routes are like I don't know, i was there on the motorbike
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