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breaking 100

badly_dubbedbadly_dubbed Posts: 1,350
edited October 2010 in Road beginners
hey guys, mates have a 100miler planned for sunday...this will be my first venture into anything over 50-55.

what sort of eating should i be doing the night before?

the usual pasta? carb loading?

also what to eat while actually on the run? bananas? powerbars etc?

cheers folks :)


  • chill123chill123 Posts: 210
    drink plenty of water the day before to hydrate and try to eat lots of carbs (pasta etc), some protein and veg. nothing too fatty basically.

    your on ride nutrition will be more important. try to eat something every hour (even if you're not hungry.

    if you've been eating on your 55milers continue to eat more of whatever it is you've been eating.

    on a long ride like that I find i can't stomach too many gels/energy bars. i prefer a fair amount of real food. if i were heading out for a 100 now here's what i'd have in my back pocket:

    - x 1 bagel with jam and peanut butter cut into quarters and wrapped individually in foil
    - x1 banana
    - x1 energy bar (grain based not purely artificial goo)
    - x4 fig rolls individually wrapped
    - x1 gel (just in case)

    also don't forget to drink. that can be easy especially in this cool weather. one bottle of water and one of electrolyte drink to replace the salts etc that you'll sweat out.

    if your longest ride is 55m i'd advise setting out at an easy pace to save yourself for the second half. also spinning an easy gear may save the legs too.

    bon chance!
  • kieranbkieranb Posts: 1,674
    also start eating early into the ride and eat in small bites but often. If the others are used to the longer distances don't feel the need to be on the front as much as them.
  • PokerfacePokerface Posts: 7,960
    It's an individual thing. Last Sunday I did 100 miles.

    I ate:
    3 sachets of porridge for breakfast
    3 bottles of water
    beans on toast and a cup of coffee halfway through
    And 1 Elevenses bar.

    It was a fast and easy ride. Probably could have eaten more but didn't need to. More fluid would be recommended for sure though.
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