Converting Hybrid to a (flat bar) cyclocross

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Not sure which forum to post in, but thought i'd give it a shot in the forum i read the most!!

after moving on a roadbike. I've been in a dilemma with what to do with my Spesh Sirrus elite hybrid.

Do I keep it for the odd crap weather day?
Do I sell it?


After thinking about what kind of biking i would do in addition to road, I thought i would be more likely to need an off-roader to go with the kids on light off-road biking.

So, scratch the first reason for keeping it! and narrow it to either

Sell it (to fund a MTB, or cyclocross)
Stick some cyclocross tyres on and job done!

My question(s) therefore are...... Is this do-able [what would i need to do]? & has anyone done it before?

or am i just being daft?!
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    doubt youd even need new tyres unless your kids are particularly adventurous ?