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Riding with a pitted hub

JonS123JonS123 Posts: 171
edited October 2010 in The workshop
Cleaned out the bearings after hearing a grindingish noise while riding, turns out my hub is slightly pitted, seeing as the wheel is 10 years ish old and the seals are not that amazing im not that bothered, but can't really afford to go buy another hub/wheelset this side of payday, so apart from noise/increased friction while cycling is it bad/dangerous to ride with a hub that is pitted


  • Apart from noise/increased friction while cycling - just re-pack with grease, adjust and go
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  • tywin1tywin1 Posts: 7
    Is the cup or cone pitted? Cones can be replaced, problem solved. If it's the hub cone, then just ride it into the ground then get a new wheel.
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