Hi all

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Hello all!

Actually I'm not new to mtb biking.

Coulnd't find the rookies board so posting this here. :roll:

I'm living in Spain and I'm a member of a bike club, http://www.bttgarraf.com

Due to family matters I will be around Dorset area hopefully with my bike, and here comes my qüestions...

I own a garmin etrex Vista, and would need some maps to fill it up with, over here in Spain we all use TopoHispania that shows every little lane, path there is :D By any chance have you anything like it?

Another little doubt is, transporting my bike by plane, what carrier bag is suggested?, I would use Ryanair, so if anyone has any comment about safety and so on...


Hope to meet up with someone soon!!


  • id try ordanence survey maps as they are quite good for smaller roads and also for packing ure bike id use loads of wrapping and sponge
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  • Thanks Hull!

    So there aren't free-bee maps about? :roll:

    About packaging, I might invest in a proper bike-bag, my mechanical pet (bike) is a Cannondale Prophet... wouldn't like it to be harmed in anyway!

    If you or anybody here needs some help with my 'local' club in translating anything just drop a message. Maybe some of you would like to cycle around this part of the world, although take in mind that from this month until April morning routes can be a bit cold :wink:

    Awaiting feedback.
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    for a bag to protect your prophet, look at evoc's range- expensive, but worth it, especially if you're on ryanair :P and if you travel vaguely frequently with your bike, its a must.
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  • Hello there!

    Thanks for the advice, I have heard of terrible stories about squashed bike parts.

    The Evoc's bags look too good hehe, the main question is that I would land at Bristol Airport and then cycle down to Dorset Coast. I couldn't manage dragging a too sturdy package so it would have to be able to fold into a sorta bag itself. I'm considering in getting a normal bag and just stuff it with cardboard from bicycle boxes I'd get from a shop in town. I hope they have a paper recycling container at the arrival airport :roll:

    About maps and so on, I will print out the route to follow from the Airport to my destination and read my way down. For what I've checked it's only 54 miles away, and the estimated time it gives in the planner is 6 hours. It can be done in less hehe.

    Again thanks for your response.