Mudguard Fitting Rear Lights

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Can anyone help me find a mudguard fitting rear light?

I want to replace the standard reflector on my SKS P35 mudguards with something battery powered for greater night-time visibility.

So far I have only found one such product... "Pixeo" by Spanninga which bolts straight on.

Any other suggestions? Or maybe ways to modify a Smart light?


  • If you want the Spaninga one you might have to buy it from abroad, like I did. Only one LED, I think, so not so bright.

    I have also got a Smart LED battery light for fitting on a rear mudguard. At least I think its Smart. You might be able to track down one of these in the UK, but in my opinion they are just a little too heavy and bulky, even for a big muduard like P35.

    If you have got a rear carrier there are now an array of excellent battery LED lights to fit onto these, as I am sure you know.
  • SB75
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    I fitted a Smart 1/2Watt rear LED to my mudguard a couple of winters ago. Just heat up a nail with a blow torch, burn a couple of holes into the bracket and rivet it to the mudguard. Works a treat.