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Strange noise from headset (i think)

monkey186monkey186 Posts: 48
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Today i was riding and noticed a high pitch occasional noise (as if you rub on glass, very annoying high pitch noise), it happened both when pedalling and when not.

At home i tried to look at the bike but didn't notice anything, then i mounted the bike and while it was stationary turned the bars - and this is where the noise comes from. At stationary the noise is not so high pitched, but very strange, it seems to travel and fade off (i turn the wheel, the noise starts and fades off).

I could only think its something to do with headset? Checked the headset on play, doesn't seem to be any. :?
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  • Sounds to me like it's the headset too, could be caused by one of the rubber seals in there. Best bet is to strip it down, clean it out, and get some fresh grease in there.

  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    What kind of headset is it (See ... -standards)?

    If it's high pitched I'd say it's metal against metal. Probably lack of lube. Especially with cage bearings.

    Do you get a gritty kind of sound also?

    When you wash the bike, do you hose it down and if so does the hose get aimed at the headset? If so - don't! That's a sure way to wash out the lube and wash in the grit.

    If you strip it down, make sure you put it back together right and get the stem tightened up right (and remember, undo stem, tighten top nut to draw fork up, tighten stem. Top nut is just for drawing up the fork prior to tightening stem which is what really holds it together). ... et-service
  • *AJ**AJ* Posts: 1,080
    Check its not the cables rubbing on the frame......
  • Eventually managed to sort it - it appears the noise was coming from the disk brakes :? Which was kind of weir since the bike is new.

    I was also weird the way the shop fixed it, they simply took some kind of pliers and bent/straightened the metal disks. I didn't expect you could do it simply like that :shock:

    The problem is gone though it seems (or at least i can't hear it).
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    You can bend the discs, though usually you'd only do that if the disc is warped. I'd check the disc is perfectly straight after the bending they've done and that they haven't just bent the disc as a quick fix and ignored the real problem.

    If the discs are rubbing it's far more likely the pistons are stuck or need pushing back, or the pads just need bedding in. If you've been riding muddy conditions you'll easily get grinding noises from the discs as grit grinds away, which is normal. If you've got sintered pads they'll likely squeal also (but don't wear down anywhere near as fast as organic pads in the mud).

    Also, I find with my Juicys they can rub simply by the way the wheel is tightened up with the quick release. I have to ensure the wheel is perfectly aligned and the QR is tight. The pressure used in the QR affects the alignment of the disc.

    Still odd you got the noise when turning the bars and the bike wasn't moving :? That does sound far more like the headset.
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