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Mtb frame advice

Jack80Jack80 Posts: 15
edited October 2010 in XC and Enduro
Hi guys I am kind of new here and I need some advice on a new xc frame. I have a focus blackforest 09 with a fox 32f100 fulcrum red metal 5 wheels and all slx drive. The bike is fast and light but I do mostly trail riding and it stinks going down hills. I am looking for a more laid back ride position so I am not bent over so far and I have more control on the dh. This is my first mtb so I am not sure what other options I have as far as frames go. I would like to go full sus but dont think I have the money already have 1300 euro in the bike. Crazy I have a second hand yamaha yz250f I got for 2000 euro lol and my mtb bike could easily be much more than that. But the mtb are great for places when you cant have the dirtbike. So any way any help would be appreciated I am 6FT and 205 lbs no more than 500 euros or 438 pounds.
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